Saturday, January 18, 2014

Meet the Team of In Saecula Saeculorum: Layla Ramzy
My novel In Saecula Saeculorum tells the story of four high school students trained to be sent back in time to Ancient Rome to save the modern world. It combines Espionage/Action/Adventure with a touch of Latin language dialogue for authenticity. 

The team that tries to save our world consists of the following characters. The cartoon avatars of these characters are based on descriptions of them found in the novel.

Layla Ramzy

Layla is a linguistic wizard. She was a native speaker of Spanish and Arabic before she came to the Academy. Now she's also fluent in Latin, Classical Greek, and every Romance language there is.

But she's insecure. She loves Will but would never dare tell him. She's been driven by her mother to be the best there ever was, but she's stressed beyond her limits.

I love languages and I'm good at learning them. So Layla channels my linguistic talents. I endowed her with something I wish I could have had--a second language as a child. And I envy her the fact that she came to Classical Studies already speaking a Romance language. 

And who among us has not loved from afar and yet kept our heart secret? Read the book to find out if Layla can ever speak her love for Will.

Click on the pictures to meet the rest of the team:

Will Stanhope
Carmen Mattila
Jonathan Drake