Saturday, January 18, 2014

Meet the Team of In Saecula Saeculorum: Carmen Mattila
My novel In Saecula Saeculorum tells the story of four high school students trained to be sent back in time to Ancient Rome to save the modern world. It combines Espionage/Action/Adventure with a touch of Latin language dialogue for authenticity. 

The team that tries to save our world consists of the following characters. The cartoon avatars of these characters are based on descriptions of them found in the novel.

Carmen Mattila

Carmen is quite a contradiction. She's a girlie-girl while simultaneously being the best hand-to-hand fighter at the Academy. She's the best at sword fighting and horse-back riding as well. 

And because of those skills, she will be tasked with fighting and killing the team's enemies when they arrive back in time. 

And her tender heart will not be ready for the trauma of taking another human life.

I worked at the National Security Agency as an Arabic linguist for four years following 9/11. And I served in Iraq for three months in 2004. Did I ever fire a gun in anger? No, thank God. But I worked in a world wherein my actions meant life and death for others. And anyone with a conscience will feel it burdened in the midst of all that.

And so I know what Carmen experiences. Read the book to learn the despair into which she falls and how she finds the grace to move on.

Click on the pictures to meet the rest of the team:

Will Stanhope
Layla Ramzy
Jonathan Drake