Saturday, January 18, 2014

Meet the Team of In Saecula Saeculorum: Jonathan Drake
My novel In Saecula Saeculorum tells the story of four high school students trained to be sent back in time to Ancient Rome to save the modern world. It combines Espionage/Action/Adventure with a touch of Latin language dialogue for authenticity. 

The team that tries to save our world consists of the following characters. The cartoon avatars of these characters are based on descriptions of them found in the novel.

Jonathan Drake

Jonathan is going through a rough patch. His parents died three years ago. He's been living with an uncle who's so careful not to replace Jonathan's father, that Jonathan feels quite alone. 

And now, as graduation nears, he has to see the other kids' parents at all the events and it reminds him of what he's lost.

I lost both my parents earlier than most people do. And so I feel Jonathan's pain of being an orphan. 

But Jonathan's also about to be thrust into a dangerous mission. And I know what it means to try and set aside my grief to face the challenges of the moment.

Read the book to find out how Jonathan copes and forms a new life on the other side of sorrow.

Click on the pictures to meet the rest of the team:

Will Stanhope
Layla Ramzy
Carmen Mattila