Monday, March 14, 2016

How Do You Say a Million in Latin?

I mean, few Romans besides Crassus ever faced this issue!

Even so, it's a legitimate question I was face to face with when I needed to translate Adele's "Hello" into Latin to enter a Cover Song Contest

The lyrics include:

"And a million miles."

Here's how the Latin works.

A mile is mille passuum (a thousand paces).

A hundred thousand miles is centena milia passuum (a thousand paces times a hundred).

A million miles is decies centena milia passuum (a thousand paces, times a hundred, times ten).
The math makes my brain hurt.

If you would like to support Latin in this international Cover Song Contest, watch the video below, a Latin language version of Adele's "Hello." If you like what you hear, give me an upvote.

Gratias tibi ago!

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